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As an adult, I am fully aware that I no longer come under the compulsory education laws of the State of New Hampshire. I understand that in choosing to attend Making Community Connections School, I agree to continue to abide by the Student Admissions Contract and to follow the same rules and regulations of attendance, behavior, and academic pursuit as apply to all students, regardless of age. I also understand that attendance is indicative of my investment in school.


1. Illness or medical or dental appointments are the only acceptable reasons for an excused absence. Other absences may be negotiated with an advisor and/or the Director.

2. Any partial absence excuse must be made ahead of time or, at the very least, the morning of the absence.

3. Medical/dental appointments must be validated by an appointment card or doctor’s note.

4. If I leave school for any reason, I must check out through the school leader (or designee).

5. If I am ill in the morning, and decide to return to school for later classes, I must call in before arriving.

6. After a partial absence, I will check in with the MC² Administrative Assistant (or designee).

7. In the event of one or more full day absence(s), I must clear such absence(s) by phone. If I do not clear such absence(s) by the day following my return, they will be considered unexcused absence(s).

LIVING STATUS: (check proper statement)
I am presently living:
p at home with parent(s)
p at home with my legal guardian(s)
p other
Please state your present address and telephone number below:

I hereby affirm that the answers I have given to the above questions are true. I also realize that if my “living status” changes, I am to report that to the MC² Administrative Assistant immediately. In addition, I fully acknowledge that I have read and fully understand all of the above, and further agree that violation of attendance and/or behavior regulations can be grounds for my being released by the school.


Parent/Guardian notified of change in student status _

Date _