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adopted Whole Community Meeting, February 7, 2007 and March 7, 2007
The primary responsibility of the school is instruction. As a professional environment, Making Community Connections School believes attendance is critical for instructional effectiveness. In an effort to improve attendance and thereby improve the effectiveness of its instructional program, Making Community Connections School under authorization of the School Board has implemented the following standards.

Excused Absences
1. Religious holiday
2. Court appearances
3. Death in the family
4. Illness
5. School nurse dismissals
6. Family/individual counseling session

Off site learning opportunities are not considered absences and are defined as student involvement in school sponsored activities and time spent to complete a checklist item that may not be completed in school, such as a college visit, or internship work.

Notes for appointments, extended illness (3 or more consecutive days) or court appearances must be on letterhead, signed by an appropriate official and must be turned in to the Director (or designee, such as Administrative Assistant) as soon as possible after the student returns to school.

A note from a parent submitted to the Director giving a reason for a student being out of school does not in and of itself qualify as an excused absence.

Students who are absent are not to participate in school activities that day or evening. Exceptions for unusual circumstances must have approval of the school administration.

School is open at 7:30 am. Students not in advisory at 8 AM are considered late.

Students arriving:
Between 8:01 and 10:19 AM -- Tardy
Between 10:20 AM and 12:29 PM -- Half day absence
After 12:30 PM -- Full day absence

Students leaving:
Before 10:19 AM - Full day absence
Between 10:20 AM and 12:29 PM -- Half day absence
Between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM -- Dismissal

Any learning team member, including a student, may request a learning team meeting to address attendance concerns.The Learning Team Meeting will determine appropriate consequences and/or next steps. Self advocacy is encouraged and will be recognized. Consequences may include, but are not limited to: a Warning, an attendance contract, a meeting with the School Resource Officer, impact on Gateway progress.

In order to gateway to the next phase, students may not have more than 10% unexcused absences during any phase.