Quarterly Exhibition
An exhibition is a public presentation of an individual student’s learning. Students articulate what they have learned, how they are applying that learning, and how they will build on that learning (what their future goals are). Students are expected to defend their work with accompanying artifacts to an evaluating panel. The panel includes the student’s parents and advisor.

Students present for 15 minutes, then respond to questions from the panelists. After the Q&A, everyone (including the student) uses the exhibition rubric to assess the presentation, after which the group has a conversation about their individual assessments, discussing observations and interpretations. The point is not to come to 100% consensus on each indicator, but if there is a large discrepancy in ratings, it merits a discussion. The team does need to come to agreement for an overall assessment, which is recorded on the official form (below). During all these conversations, commendations, recommendations and suggestions for the next ILP are also recorded.

Students who intend to progress from one Phase to the next must complete a Gateway Exhibition. The first exhibitions of the school year are scheduled in the afternoon and evening. The rest are scheduled during the school day.

Exhibition strategies
  • Have students coach each other (practice)
  • have students attend each other's exhibitions (with permission)
  • practice practice practice

The exhibition protocol outlines the steps to facilitate an exhibition.

The Exhibition record form is filled in by the advisor who facilitates the exhibition.

Each panelist uses the same exhibition rubric to provide feedback and assessment.